Oh Canada, I stand on guard for thee

I came here as a baby – I don’t have much recollection of any other place. Canada is my home. It is what I know.
Growing up, I lived on a village outside of Brampton but went to school in Streetsville. I was driven to school by my mother which was quite rare in those days. My parents had to work hard, starting from scratch was not easy, but that was the life of an immigrant family. One of the toughest things they had to learn was to do everything DIY. From the early days, I remember shopping at Canadian Tire for everything fancy. All food came from the farm we lived on or from neighbouring farms. I grew up eating the local food. My parents often talked about food they missed from Pakistan but could not source here. They would often try to churn butter the traditional way to make a drink called “Lassi”. It would end up in giggles and fits with a far resemblance to the original drink.
My mother missed her family a lot more than my father missed his family. On occasions like Eid she would cry due to homesickness. It was an event on special days like Eid to go to the phone booth and call grandparents and family in Pakistan. My sister and I could barely talk to them as we did not know Urdu too well and the folks in Pakistan did not know much English. Our grandparents were happy to hear us say the special Eid greeting “Eid Mubarak” that we would have memorized in our funny Urdu accents. My mother would cry even more after talking to her parents but she would be content thereafter. That’s how we learnt the value of family – no matter how far the distances, families always stick together. Sometimes we would go out to eat at this restaurant; many happy memories and many happy meals.


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I worked hard and my parents saved hard to send both my sister and I to university. Education has gotten me where I am today, Canada has made me what I am today. Nowadays I like to keep myself busy in building brands and market share at a giant global confectionery and food company in Ontario.
I recall running, running endlessly and fearlessly on green land with the many friends I grew up with. We were all like one big family – like the extended families that live together in Pakistan. The only fear I have ever had in Canada is living through a blackout on a -48C night . Luckily we don’t have very many of those either.
I love Canada. It is my home. I love all the seasons, the beaches, the lakes, the cottage country, the snow covered valleys; most of all I love the thrill of the first snow when it’s still not too cold and the snow melts as soon as it touches your face. Oh Canada, My Canada.


Your New Mom BFF!!! I am a regular mom but I choose to live my life to the fullest in high heels and fiery red lipstick. I want to share everything I have learnt (and I have learnt a lot) about skin, beauty, food, health and LIFE – Lets just say I know what's the secret to glowing skin and how your night cream can get you there - and how you can get a flat tummy after 3 kids from my years of working on top brands as a marketing manager. Hope to see more of you!

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