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When I look around at the undefined, untouched landscape of Canada, I am left speechless. I feel Mother Nature has been especially kind to this land because the people here are kind, warm and generous to each other


“Life changes you, first school, then university and then you get married. That’s how I came to Canada……”

Says Fawzia Khan, Social Entrepreneur – Tech-Educator – Humanitarian – Speaker & Community Leader

I was working in the Delhi financial sector; and was doing very well – then I got married and came to this beautiful country, where I started my married life with my husband who was already a Canadian. We have many fond memories of Toronto specially Yonge & Bloor where we started our Canadian journey. I specifically fell in love with that area. Not knowing many people here, we looked for our own opportunities. Persistence, perseverance and hard work paid off and we got a lot of opportunities to live a good fulfilled life.

Canada is full of helpful people, Canadians believe in giving time to the community, they thrive on it; and this is truly phenomenal. This is one place that is like paradise – everyone is warm and welcoming. Everyone goes out of their way to help you. I have visited many places in the world but none is like this. Canada is an amazing mosaic – remarkable in every way. We are the only country that represents a multitude of people from a variety of nations yet we all come together under one flag as one whole. Each person represents Canada in their own warm way, and we live together as if we have been living here together forever.

In 2016, I initiated “Women That Give” – it was primarily started by a group of women who were each trying to help and contribute to society on their own. One day we all got together and realized that we could give so much more if we combined our efforts – the combined impact would be much higher and so much more could happen if  we worked together.

Fawzia Khan

Our focus has been on helping women in distress. Part of this is inspired by my father who was an inspector general of police, and partly by the fact that I am raising my own daughter and want a better world for her. “Women That Give” teaches women entrepreneurial skills – we aim to give ownership of life back to all women. We teach them that nothing is finished. We focus on convincing them to believe in themselves – that is really the only tool that’s required for anyone to succeed.

Eventually we also want to help intellectually disabled women and kids. They have the will to prosper, all they are missing are the resources/path to do so. “Women That Give” will develop the platform for them to start that journey.

When I look around at the undefined, untouched landscape of Canada, I am left speechless. I feel Mother Nature has been especially kind to this land because the people here are kind, warm and generous to each other. Canada’s landscape is abundant with beauty. My favorite past time is to go on drives and just enjoy the scenery, breathe the fresh air and absorb memories. I am also an avid camper, and spend the summer outside camping and enjoying with my family.

People who have no family in Canada, even those people do not feel alone – people here hear you, people see you, people listen to you. This doesn’t happen anywhere else either. The level of accessibility, the infrastructure, the school system, the exposure, the people – all of these things make Canada the best place in the world.  One clear way to succeed in Canada is to give time to people, volunteer, find unique opportunities, network, build relationships, invest time to contribute and build the community. This is what drives me and I recommend this to everyone out there as well.

I am still a dreamer, I always wanted to live in a place where people share the same vision, share the same purpose and dwell on driving change together. I hope and I dream that there will be equity, no poverty, inclusion and access to quality –  through “Women That Give” slowly and surely these things are coming to fruition, I am super happy and thankful for that.

My message to everyone is to support diversity, support women and to work towards decreasing the gender gap. In order to achieve this, all women need to stand up to empower each other. Women are oppressed and they are not given the right opportunities, they get cheated and shunned. But that is not the end – treat that as the beginning – women need to speak out and find allies in men – not with the purpose to protect them but to form stronger networks, so men can stop other men from maltreating women. These women are future mothers, we need to come together to protect girls from damage, to create a better, equal world. Women too, need to speak out to improve. Let’s join hands together to advance equity and equality to every woman. Please join hands as good allies so change can come.

“Women That Give” is an open platform for everyone. The best way to reach us is via the website Https:// or at +1- 289-203-2679

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