3 Ways to Overcome Canada Life Challenges & Embrace Life

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I embrace life with open arms and wish the same for everyone else.

Jessica Krasin, competitive dancer, Marketing Manager and new home owner shares her story about Canada life Challenges .

My parents immigrated to Canada from South Africa in 1979. They first moved to mid-town Toronto and then settled in Thornhill. Growing up I saw firsthand how my parents had come to Canada with almost nothing; how they tackled Canada life challenges and worked multiple jobs to be able to provide for 4 daughters. Watching their strength and determination from an early age has taught me many life lessons. Great lessons that when I faced life-changing health issues three years ago I was able to accommodate this trial and get back on track.

I woke up one morning and I couldn’t hear from one of my ears; every doctor I visited could not figure it out. Finally I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease; this disease comes with hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo. I have less than 50% hearing in my right ear; and I wear a hearing aid. I also take medication to manage the water balance in my body.  Today I am sharing my Canada life challenges and lessons with you.

Value People – Not Time, Not Money, Not Assets – this is the Key to Overcome Canada Life Challenges

If you look at me you can’t see that I have a disability but it has changed me. I am more compassionate now. I have learnt that on the outside no one really knows what people are going through, therefore everyone deserves nothing less than kindness.
Meniere’s Disease has also made me look at relationships differently. At the beginning I had to take very heavy doses of steroids and other medications; I couldn’t fend for myself and relied on people around me. I realized that I have an amazing set of family and friends, who will always be there for me during all my Canada life challenges.

Work Hard and Keep your Eyes on the Goal

I had a very busy childhood, I grew up with 3 sisters and I was a competitive dancer from the ages of 6-18. Some of my best friends to this day are people I danced with for many years. Competitive dancing taught me a lot; time management, life discipline, teamwork and working hard to achieve a goal. I started working when I was 13; it instilled the value that I need to work really hard for what I want. It also taught me to appreciate all things in life. I recently became a home owner with my husband. Every day that we spend in our new home renews our sense of gratitude and appreciation for everything big or small in life.

Family First – Today and Always

Family in Canada Life Challenges
Jessica with her sisters

What makes me determined is that I really want my parents to be proud of me. They did a lot for us by moving here and working multiple jobs to give us a good life. I always want to make them proud; because I know that they did a good job managing their Canada life challenges. Both my parents always vocalized when they were proud of me and that made me feel good about my accomplishments.

Develop a Sense of Independence that Resonates

I attended Western University and graduated with an Honours Double Major in media studies and women studies. Living away from home I learnt a greater sense of independence, which taught me many valuable life lessons. After graduating I did a lot of travelling and my best travel companion is my husband; he is fearless and has really pushed me out of my comfort zone, which has helped build my confidence.

In Nicaragua we rented a motor bike and toured all around Ometepe island. In South East Asia we got our certification for scuba diving and spent 3 days on a liveaboard. The night dives were terrifying, I went through my air tank really quickly from breathing so heavily. So now when I face a challenge, I always think “I’ve done all these things in my life, so why would I be scared of anything now”… that thought is a great confidence builder.

Vacation in South Africa
Jessica with her husband on vacation

I love how warm and friendly Canadians are even when faced with various Canada life challenges; when you travel and tell people that you are Canadian they love it, and they want to talk to you. This makes you feel proud. Growing up in the public system, you embrace multiculturalism which I really value and appreciate; it makes Canadians feel like a big community. My parents are very proud that we are Canadians – but they are also proud of where they came from. We have a lot of cultural foods, we joke about their accents; they have brought various traditions and customs to Canada and so I have grown up with various aspects, but have embraced the Canadian culture, whatever it may be as it is so different for so many people.


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