Life and Business in Canada

Life and Business in Canada

Always be true to yourself! Listen to the small voice inside you, and how your body signals to you. Get in touch with these to build your life and business in Canada. They are all connected!

Gail Scott, Life Coach, Mother, Entrepreneur, Human Being.  

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, minutes after my twin brother, to a professional chef father who later in life bought a bar and moved our family to the North of Scotland. I grew up with entrepreneurial values; to take a risk, to work hard and smart, follow rules, do the due diligence and give back when you reap the benefits. These values continue to help me build a great life and business in Canada.

I left home when I was 17 to do a secretarial diploma and improve my proficiency in French and German. I love languages; they open up a new world for you. And they provided amazing opportunities for me. While I was working as an office manager, I pursued a course in HR management. This helped me find a job in a German company. I met my husband shortly after leaving home, and gained a breadth of work experience. He was a qualified CA and together we came to Canada as newlyweds for 2 years. Within 18 months he was promoted and was offered a 5 years relocation package, and we moved permanently to Canada. I did not want children but he did and so we started a family. When I got pregnant I became a stay at home mom.

But my entrepreneurial upbringing soon took over and I started a company as a certified professional coach and speaker and started my life and business in Canada. I work with people to change their mindset, helping them create new habits and patterns to get different results. More often transformational results, helping them build a stronger intuition, helping them to tell the right stories in an improved way.

Gail Scott Life and Business in Canada

I have very strong reasons to choose what I do today; my work is derived directly from my personal challenges. Fourteen years ago my marriage was falling apart; my husband was a workaholic, I was a Stepford wife, living like a robot and trying to make everyone happy. My health was suffering and the Doctor told me to take medication. I started a path of trying to heal myself, to recover from post-traumatic stress and in the process I realized that my issues were stemming from my earlier family life, which had been abusive and filled with alcoholics. All those memories came back and I gradually started to peel them away. I started to heal myself from the inside out and found a lot of strength and trust in myself.

My two daughters, who were 8 and 10 at the time, were the impetus for this change. I knew if I did not stop this my children would repeat this pattern. I worked on myself and began to change everything; the way I thought, behaved and communicated. There are many people and organizations who helped me through this; a support group called “adult children of alcoholics” which exists all over the world and is anonymous, was instrumental in my success.

Life and Business in Canada

My strength to change came to me because I believed that I have a greater purpose, I was given this experience to serve, and that there is a greater deeper Source; I continuously draw on that. I have been privileged to meet incredible people who have shown up at the right place and the right time. I have developed spiritual intuition which gives me the courage to go where I don’t know what will happen.

I have a desire to speak to people, work with them to help them understand how to be in relationships with other people effectively, have peace and joy and be happy. I help people manage conflict, vulnerability and authenticity.

The biggest lesson I learnt in this process is that you have to take control of your life, because nobody else can! It is about the choices we make, if we don’t tap into our own knowing we will get easily influenced, so make a concerted effort to be true to yourself.

Three values that are critically important are:

  1. Integrity, Be your word!
  2. Humility, requires courage and teaches you to be vulnerable!
  3. Humour- you have to laugh.

I have lived in Canada for 30 years. When I first came I thought I would be different, the only one with an accent. But I was in for a pleasant surprise. I love and respect Canada’s diversity. I love that despite the different journeys we have had, we are all the same. We want love and respect and want the same kind of happiness. Canada is a wonderful country and gives us all that.

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