How to Keep Energy Levels High All Day

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It was not a long time ago when as soon as I would hit Wednesday my energy would take a major dip and by Thursday evening I would be ready to count my 401K and retire for life. Often enough during the course of the day I would also feel slumped either in the morning or sometimes after lunch and I’m sure many of you feel the same way. Instead of reaching for that sugary tidbit let me tell you how to keep energy levels high all day. Here are some proven ways that I have tried myself, and they work – to maintain energy levels throughout the day and the week.

Keep Yourself Hydrated – Drink Lots of Water

I know we all try to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but the truth is that’s not enough. If you really want to feel a difference commit to drinking 4 liters of water a day. That’s 16 glasses altogether. Take a water bottle with you everywhere and keep sipping it from time to time. This will also do wonders for your skin and your smile.

Water is Life

Keep Fit – Exercising Consistently

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Exercise is Key

Exercise does far more than just burn calories – it keeps your mental and physical energy levels high. It helps you to sleep better at night, improves your mood and reduces stress. I am very grateful to Fitness Blender, Kelly and Daniel who have made it easy for me to commit to exercising every day at home. I will do another post on which of their videos have resulted in miracles for my weight loss journey; for now check out their website.

Besides regular exercise even keeping yourself active during the day is a great way to build up positivity in your life; parking your car a little out of the way, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking a 15 minute walk to the mail box after dinner, simple meditation and breathing exercises are all great ways to start bringing more activity into your life.

Tea – To Energize All

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Tea for Life

Get it, ha ha ha! So here’s the deal with tea, it’s a great alternative to coffee, soda and even milk. Annnndd you can drink multiple cups a day. You can also have flavored tea which just gave this great drink additional points. And lastly you can have it hot or cold – and in any weather. Phew! I don’t think I need to give any more points in favor of this. Trust me, tea I a great way to incorporate more water in your day and to keep yourself hydrated.

Say No to Caffeine

Caffeine can give you a boost of energy immediately but it can make your more anxious over time. Plus you can get addicted to it which is never good for anyone.

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Eating What You Know

Good Food

I know there are a lot of fad diets going around all the time; and some of them really work but if you are trying to follow a sustainable and healthy lifestyle and want to continue to eat healthy over a period of time, stick to eating what you grew up eating. If you have moved geographies or have adapted to a different lifestyle due to your kids or your in-laws, try to go back to the recipes your mother made when you were growing up. This will benefit you both mentally and physically. Essentially what we grew up eating is our comfort food; these provide a sense of warmth in us that makes us feel safe and secure. More on that in upcoming blogs!

Eating Breakfast & Lunch

I never skip breakfast or lunch; I used to be the type of person who would skip either or sometimes even both and survive on just tea and soda but soon realised the hard way that that’s not a good idea.  Now as a best practise I don’t wait for lunch time to eat lunch; as soon as I feel hungry instead of opting for snacks I choose to eat my lunch. This gives me the boost of energy my body is craving and keeps mindless eating at bay. There is one more thing that I always to for both these meals; add protein and veggies and limit bread. This keeps the 3 o clock slump away as well. Look out for a post where I will tell you exactly what I eat in a day.

Break your fast


Remember to smile; it takes fewer muscles than a frown. When you smile people smile back at you and that makes you feel wonderful, energized an happy. Let your mile fuel your energy throughout the day.

Sleep at a Regular Time Every Night

Building a routine for sleeping helps your body relax and retire. If your sleep routine and timing are chaotic it gives mixed signals to your body. Fix your bedtime and see the result in less than a week. Your body, skin and mind will all thank you.

That’s all for now folks, until next time!


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