The Rose in Rose Water – Better Skin and Sweet Stuff

rose water dessert

We all know the benefits of rose water but if you insist I can remind you about them.

  • Its great for skin – as a toner after you wash your face and as a healer when your skin gets burnt from the sun or scratched by your little ones sharp nails (or some other reason).
  • It soothes the skin and relaxes you so it’s a great tool to massage your face with. You can leave it on your skin without having to wash it off.
  • The sweet fragrance enhances your mood, relieves headaches and reduces stress.

Need I go on? 🙂

Rose water has a lot of application in the kitchen as well. From using it in desserts to savoury foods like rice dishes, rose water offers its fragrance to enhance the ambiance of food.

I often see Arab women buying multiple bottles of rose water in stores – and then I found this recipe for Muhalabiya that blew me away.  It reminds me a lot of the rice pudding my mother makes but with a very feminine touch. I think the next time I have my girl friends over and we denounce red meat together, I will make this again.

rose water dessert
Rose Water Pudding

And if you end up buying cases and cases of rose water and want to make it a regular part of your sweet tooth, then here is a treasure trove of dessert recipes collected by I gave the rose water ice cream a try and am still licking my lips.

Rose Water Ice Cream
Rose Water Ice Cream

Here is also a quick list of the skin benefits from rose water. The best part is its probably the cheapest product I use on my skin. You can buy rose water online on Amazon or at any ethnic/ desi store, Sephora or at Walmart or Loblaws.

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