30 Second Networking Pitch

You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take

Have you heard of the elevator pitch? Entrepreneurs talking to investors pitching their ideas and asking for “dollars”. Now let me introduce you to the 30 second networking pitch and yes it happens in a social networking situation.

Imagine you enter a Starbucks (coz for Tim’s you will drive thru) and stand in line to buy a coffee. Somebody gets in line behind you talking on the phone to their colleague. The conversation goes like this:

A: Need to find someone ASAP for xxxx- we are short of resources and may lose clients if this goes on.

B: (Person on the other end probably agrees)

A: What does the recruiter say.

A: Ask them to send us a short list of candidates by the end of the week.

Wow! you pinch yourself (virtually of course) and contain your excitement. This sounds like the perfect job opportunity for you. What’s next. Do you turn around and start talking to that person. Wait a second. It is before he has had his coffee. Is that wise, you think?

What would you do to start Your 30 Second Networking Pitch?

  1. Turn around and introduce yourself
  2. Not say anything and kick yourself for life.

I can safely say option one is the better choice. But what do you say after the introduction. How do you “demonstrate your value and close the deal”.

The 30 Second Networking Pitch

Because I am rooting for your success, I’m going to give you the secret formula to unravel your tongue and form a long lasting positive impression on your prospect. Yes, that’s right, first start thinking of that person as your prospect.  Next, I’m going to show you the perfect, straightforward, no-nonsense, extremely doable way to start a conversation heading in the right direction. This one, solid and clear “30 Second Networking Pitch” has proven success and will become the backbone of any formal or informal
conversation about your job search or lead generation going forward.

Think of the inevitable question “What do you do?” It should go beyond simply sharing the job titles that you have had. People have no idea was a “Term Qualified Lead Manager” does; every company has their own titles so stay clear of those.

Why is this important? – People, even close contacts, often do not know about your background and even less understanding of your aspirations. When you help people know who / what you are and the jobs you are targeting you steer the conversation in a prolific direction for yourself. You also avoid wasting anyone’s time.

So when people ask, “What do you do?” or “How’s your job going?” share your B.A.G.!


Your brand. Who you are. Think of 3 words that describe you. These could be anything – Digital Content Supernova, Inside Sales Lead Gen Expert, Technology 6 Sigma Guru…. phew, open a thesaurus if that helps. Think of a  list of words and then short list to 3 big ones that best describe you.


An example of something you’ve accomplished, delivered in a “non-braggy” way. The intent is to make the listener understand your competencies and/or develop some
comfort around referring you to others. You could start with “Something that was fun/challenging …” or “For example, I did …”


Be specific on your career aspirations. Don’t be shy to name drop
target companies, industries and job titles – but be sure of why you have chosen them. Intent should be to help people understand your goals and aspirations, not to name them because they sound good. You are helping form similes in your prospects head.

something like this..….

Open: Hi I am XXX and I’m exploring new job options right now …
B: I’m a Software Development Manager, helping teams develop and maintain the right programs at optimal efficiency and lead times.  [Friendly smile!]
A: I love the challenges. In fact, last year I saved over $xx,xxx by
optimizing seven different applications and interlinking them to perform as an assembly line. [pause] (interlinking them… whaaaa. You have your prospect intrigued at this point)
G: I’m currently looking at similar software development and management positions at companies like ABC and XYZ. [pause]. These companies interest me because of the (intricate system of applications…….. etc )
Close: I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation on the phone, would you know anything about those companies? [pause] Or have any suggestions?

Your 30 Second Networking Pitch is critical for your path to success – practice it. This is not to be “winged”. Think about it, write it down, add jargon only if it makes sense and dress it up with a quote or a funny line if you can drive it.

Here’s my personal BAG:

Hi I am a Marketing & Brand professional with a decade of CPG experience in 3 countries targeting multi dimensional consumer behaviors across products and categories.

I love the marriage between creativity and business results and I enjoy having ownership of my brand just like a business unit. for example last year I launched a new flavor with 300 listings driving 2% growth within national channels by mainly targeting the ethnic consumer through online platforms.

I am interested in exploring brand and marketing roles that influence cross functional teams to deliver P&L and equity results within a large unit.






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